Social Media Goes To Court

Be very careful to what you upload online. Here are few examples.


  1. Shari Voigt says:

    Great presentation, but I’m sorry to report that your post to twitter link gives the wrong date, resulting in a broken link on twitter.

  2. Daniel Young says:

    Great post and so well presented… love it.

    Very thought provoking.

    The irony for me is as follows: Social media holds organisations to account and forces them to be credible, honest, transparent, genuine but users need to be very cautious about their candidness, honesty, point of view etc in case its not palatable to someone for some reason at some point in the future.

    Perhaps the web isn’t going to be the demmocratising force its expected to be. This point, I believe, is open to discussion and so worthy of some investigation. The assumption that its all positive is dangerous.

  3. sandeep says:

    Thanks Shari – we will fix it asap.

    Daniel: I agree – nice perspective. Thanks for stopping on vizedu.

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